Marcus McCollum has been directing and working in television commercials and entertainment for the last 15 years. His work has been recognized at the most prestigious advertising awards shows in the world. Marcus has managed and directed more than 200 national and international spots for clients like, ABC, Toyota, CBS, JC Penny, Honda, Kia, Sonic, Proctor and Gamble, Tampax, General Mills, ESPN, McDonald’s, Tivo, Turbo Tax, Nestle, to name just a few. Marcus work has encompassed multi-­million dollar advertising campaigns, as well as streamlined low-­budget creative projects. Marcus’ background provides every level of world-­‐ class production without losing any creative edge.


A consumate commercial story teller with a sharp wit and an incredible sense of humor.  A veteran in the commercial industry and a consummate creator of thought provoking, comedic and narrative content.